Navigating Your Relationship Property Minefield

Engage a forensic accountant at the same time you engage a lawyer.

As forensic accountants we know what information to ask for; how to obtain it; and report the evidence for your lawyer to work with.

Lacking those critical documents and financial analysis will undermine your case.

Serious relationship property cases contain elements of bullying, theft, accounting tricks, fraud, opportunism, and vexatious litigation to mislead.

Most cases involve a combination of the following:

  • Your Family business suddenly has no value; your ex wants it for $0; why?.
  • Significant argument over the value of the company or business.
  • Relationship property assets are less than you always thought.
  • You feel bullied after you asked for financial information and records.
  • Unsure what happened as your ex managed the relationship finances.
  • The financial accounts given to you are incomplete, misleading or inaccurate.
  • Your separate assets have been intermingled amongst relationship property.
  • Relationship property is being claimed by your ex as their separate property.
  • Controlling shareholder using the company as a personal source of funding.
  • Unsure why the business is not performing as you expected.
  • Your separate property is being claimed as relationship property
  • You are under attack and need to prove your point of view
  • Relationship funds have disappeared.

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