Support for Discovery Applications

The other side have the financial documents to support your case; and they won't hand them over.

The Court Discovery process will obtain those documents for you.

But to get there; our role is to support your Discovery application; by saying what information is sought.

We strategically provide the financial proof to back your application.

Discovery Orders

The other party is ordered to release, to you, all the financial documents they have in their possession that are relevant to your case.

We provide a specific list of Discovery financial documents that the other side must provide.

We support your Discovery application by advising if there are other documents available and swearing affidavits in support of your application to the Court.

Interrogatory Orders

You provide a list of questions, the other party is ordered to answer them.

We support your Interrogatory application by providing the relevant questions (there is an art to this!) and assess the answers and how they affect your case.

By law, the records you want from the other side have been there for the last 7 years! If they have 'lost' them, they should pay to re-create them!

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