Forensic Accounting Investigations

Has something happened to the value of your Relationship Property or Business?

Our helpful forensic investigative services

Assess and Uncover what happened:

  • Evaluate the value of the facts you have provided
  • Identify additional records that could be available
  • Analyse the financial accounts and show the true picture
  • Report on where to go from here

These Case scenarios similar to your case?:

  • Undisclosed assets
  • Trace intermingled relationship & separate property
  • Excessive lifestyle
  • Asset write-offs
  • Cost of goods sold increasing & reducing profitability
  • Personal expenses paid by the business
  • Inventory values manipulated
  • Unusual factors driving a decline in profitability
  • Cash sales not recorded
  • Shareholder transactions with the business disgused
  • Excessive shareholder salary levels
  • New suppliers and/or new customers
  • Gross profit falling
  • Unsupported bad debts written-off
  • Change in bank accounts
  • Manipulation of the accounting function and processes
  • Accruals deferring income and bringing forward expenses

Present the full picture:

  • Provide comprehensive reports to your legal advisers
  • Strategic & tactical advice on presenting the findings
  • Swearing affidavits and as expert witness in the Court

Email Hugh Sutherland if you would like to discuss opportunities for your case.